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LoveLuha is a part of the We Are Muze collaboration
Look and feel shoot for Tranoi Woman show // Paris: 3-6 March 2017  Photography: by LoveLuha Model: Faye
Shoot for presentation in Paris at ‘Hôtel d’Avaray’
29 september 2016
Photography: Teampeterstighter
Model: Ovo Drenth
Flourish collection  Stills by: LoveLuha
Flourish Shoot
Photography: M. Eller
Model: Mirein
Beauties from the Depth collection  Stills by: LoveLuha



Creating amazement throught exuberant contrasts.

We Are Muze is a fashion collective of Dutch visionary designers. Together we have sculpted a dreamlike persona, our Muze. She is the catalyst that empowers us to celebrate our contrasts, challenging conventions and honouring all that we are. As a collective, we carve out a story beyond the obvious and the fashionable, creating our own rhythm and aesthetics.

This is an intimate story imbued with technique, process and finesse. We Are Muze aims at connecting with the artistically inspired, tapping into their creative potential to invent amazing visual stories.